Part One: How To Get New Customers – Introductions

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Part One: How To Get New Customers – Introductions

Part 1 of how to “Get NEW customers”:

IntroductionsLets first examine how to grow your business by getting NEW customers.

We have probably all tried to grow our business by asking our existing customers for REFERRALS, right? If you haven’t tried this yet then I am afraid you have been missing out on possibly one of your best sources of new business. Think about it, if a customer of yours is delighted with your product or service, then surely they would also want their family, friends and colleagues to also benefit from your product or service where appropriate of course (obviously you not going to recommend car insurance to your 3 year old daughter).

So if you haven’t tried this before then I highly recommend you do BUT in a very different way from what you might be used to. Let’s say you ask a customer for a referral and they say sure and they give the details of a friend who they believe would love your product (let’s assume it is a product for now and not a service). Now you have this person’s details and you call them up and say something like “Hi [NAME], so and so said I should give you a call because he felt you may be interested in my product” and so the conversation continues to a positive or negative outcome, right? This is what I call ‘Referral Selling’ and this call you made wasn’t a cold call but slightly warmer – a lukewarm call.

Now let me introduce you to a more powerful type of ‘Referral Selling’ and which will lead to a hotter lead and call.

Simply put – ASK your existing customers to give you an INTRODUCTION, that’s right, let them physically or via email actually introduce you to people they believe would benefit from your product. In person is always the best, for example, ask them to meet you for a coffee and invite their friend (obviously we not talking about your product being a pizza here, it must be a product you sell that is worthwhile having a face to face meeting) or otherwise do it by email. You see this INTRODUCTION is far warmer than a mere referral (number and contact details) and far more powerful face to face. So next time you want to generate NEW customers, ask your existing customers for INTRODUCTIONS, not referrals.