Part Three: How To Get New Customers – Testimonials

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Part Three: How To Get New Customers – Testimonials

Part 3 of how to “Get NEW customers”. Last week I discussed NETWORKING and the previous week INTRODUCTIONS and if you missed these please scroll down to my posts below on the 18th June and the 11th June 2014.
This week I am going to tell you about TESTIMONIALS and why they are so powerful. Think about the last time you were struggling to make a decision about buying something and you either asked a friend, checked online for reviews, asked for feedback from friends on Facebook or you went as far as visiting websites like for consumer feedback. We have all done this at some stage or another because we are looking for that “stamp of approval” from someone who has been there, bought that or can advise us on their own experience. This is a TESTIMONIAL and today with the Internet as an integral part of our lives it is the driving force behind 20 to 50% of all purchasing decisions.

So where do you get testimonials from? You simply ask your clients! You ask them if they are happy with your service (if you a service provider) or if they are happy with your product (if you are product provider). If they are happy then you ask them if they will write a testimonial for you or your company in the form of a ‘recommendation’ so that you can use this to get NEW clients. However, in order to get an effective testimonial you need to assist your clients by asking them these 3 questions.

– Firstly ask them what would have prevented them from buying from you? (Their response will include objections that other potential buyers may have e.g. “I wasn’t sure that your product could help me reduce time I spend doing my books every day?”),

– Secondly ask them what their experience was like buying from you? (Their response will answer the above objection e.g. “I found that your product was able to reduce my time spent on the job”),

– Thirdly ask them to give specifics (This will show in exact terms what your product was able to do for them e.g. “This product saved me 2 hours per day which is worth about R 1 000 per day in actually savings for my business”).

Can you see how powerful this is?
Lastly, don’t forget to include in the testimonial their name, position in the company and even better yet – a photo of themselves which gives the testimonial credibility. Happy TESTIMONIAL hunting and include them on your website, in your presentations and even use them for sales calls.