Part Two: How To Get New Customers – Networking

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Part Two: How To Get New Customers – Networking

Part 2 of how to “Get NEW customers”:

NetworkingIn the early days of my career as an employee and then as the owner of my own business I never attended any business networks because generally I believed it would be a waste of time (in those days I thought I knew everything like we all do as youngsters). Boy was I wrong!

Nowadays there are numerous business and entrepreneur networks where business people get together for breakfasts, lunches or drinks and where you get the opportunity to meet other business people who like you are looking for NEW business. Obviously depending on the type of business you are in, will determine how relevant these networks are but don’t despair as there are loads of different types of networks.

So how do you find these networks? Well I am sure you have all heard of a website called Google – just type business networks into the search bar and you will find plenty of results for business networks. Determine which ones you want to attend and ATTEND! You have nothing to lose, ask me, I attended two such networks recently and generated R40k worth of business over a one breakfast, not bad hey?

One excellent website to find business networks is where you will find a variety of network’s in a city near you. The great thing about this website is it shows you the people attending the event and the business they are in which allows you to see if they are your target market. Also check out the various Chambers of Commerce on Google near you and also the BNI network.

So what are you waiting for, getting NETWORKING and if you are on the shy side get someone to go with you and go GET NEW CUSTOMERS.