Kigali, here I come!

Kigali here I come, super excited, see you soon Elisha Attai and Oscar Emetuei and thank you for the invite – extremely happy to represent South Africa ?? and share the stage with ?? ?? ?? at the African Women in Leadership Conference ?

I am in❤️with Rwanda and it’s people – ‘small in stature, huge in heart’ ❤️and me hanging out with all these lovely Nigerian power women and me on my way to the African Women in Leadership Gala Dinner to celebrate women with my ‘date’ the wonderful MC Professor UduakObong Archibong. One of the most touching trips I have been on – experiencing this incredible country with incredible women WOW is all I can say and thanks to these men Elisha Attai and Oscar Emetuei for bringing me here.

Interview on ENCA

Leon Lategan, CEO of the Lions Den and Luthando Dyasi, owner of Dine With Africa and winner of the Black Lion Entrepreneur competition discuss the growth of black businesses.

Why I Love What I do

Why I Love What I do….A TRULY HEARTWARMING STORY: Meet Fabrice, one of our top 20 finalists in the Scooler R100k School Entrepreneur Competition. I spent some time with him today as he had requested to meet me and wow, I am the one grateful to have met him. He is a recent SACS graduate, however, life for Fabrice was not always so easy before he got his scholarship.

Fabrice was born in Rwanda and his parents passed away when he was young and the three of them ended up as refugees in Uganda and at the age of 9, 13 and 15 they made it to Cape Town on the back of various trucks over many weeks with a young woman and her child only to be left alone once they arrived in Cape Town at the railway station.

They were luckily found by a Burundian man who took them to a home in Kloof Street where they have been ever since. Fabrice is now off to study an ETA qualification in Health and Fitness plus an Entrepreneur Course at CPUT in the evenings, his one brother has just qualified as a lawyer and the other brother as a plumber.

This is the brief version of an incredible journey he shared with me and this post is about how their resilience and courage got them to where they are today having had such a traumatic past. It is not possible to understand what they went through however I can only be grateful to have met this amazing young man and I truly hope to help him achieve his business dream because it is an excellent one. ??