I assist companies to gain greater value out of their Internet marketing channels including websites, mobile, email, online advertising and their other sales and marketing channels. Can you justify your advertising budget in terms of actual sales? Let’s connect & talk about the practical, easy-to-apply ways I assist companies turn potential customers into real customers and ultimately increasing your bottom line.

My coaching methodology is focused around assisting you in formulating and implementing a Conversion Optimisation Strategy for your business which includes optimising your sales and marketing channels and strategies i.e.:

  • converting more website visitors into clients,
  • converting more emails into sales,
  • converting more visitors to your store into customers and
  • converting more sales calls into actual sales.

It is all about you being able to convert more potential visitors/customers into real paying customers. Every business should have a Conversion Optimisation Strategy, yet very few even consider it.

I hear a lot of people and companies who say they do not believe in consultants. I believe in most cases this is ignorance or their egos getting in their way of acknowledging that they could do with the advise of an expert.

Most business owners are in business because they believe they are AN EXPERT in a particular field or provide an expert service due to their knowledge in a particular industry e.g. an estate agent, a travel agent, a life coach, a builder, a plumber, a retail clothing store or any other business. So if any of these people approached me to either sell me a house, a holiday package etc, they would assume and believe that they can assist me because they know ‘their stuff’, right? Right! I think most people accept and believe this.

So why do you need to consult with someone like myself? Let’s look at it this way; your expertise is in your particular industry as mentioned above BUT do you have the expertise on how to grow your business, buy effective advertising, make a decent sales call, put together a Conversion Optimisation Strategy? Probably not, due to the ever changing landscape and the proliferation of advertising mediums i.e. newspapers, magazines, TV, websites, Google, Facebook, LinkedIn etc. and that is why consulting can assist you in areas that you are NOT an expert in.

If you are not an expert in optimising your sales and marketing channels, fill in the form to the right and I will call you for a no obligation chat.

Please see my testimonials below from existing and happy clients.

Consulting Testimonials

  • I have known Leon Lategan for a number of years, and have always been inspired by his in-depth understanding of business as well as his passion for passing this knowledge on to others. Understanding him to be an extremely successful businessman, one cannot but be stimulated to apply his methods. In his consultation times with me he has been expressive and succinct; to be exposed to his enlightening analytical ideas as well as his often times out-of-the-box input is highly motivating. With his know-how, his humour and his gift of the gab, Leon is a tremendous asset to consult with for any company has my highest recommendation.

    Irit Noble
    Irit NobleManaging Director, IN Entertainment
  • I had the pleasure of meeting with Leon to look at ways of improving my website and ultimately my business. It was wonderful to be exposed to his method of working, which is clear cut, no nonsense and most importantly a practical and hands on approach. Leon is able to take a clear view of your business, which many times business owners are unable to do themselves. He goes through each of your online channels from your website through to social media and online advertising, providing you with a step by step means of improving each of these areas, with the ultimate goal of growing your business. I was very impressed by Leon’s ability to succinctly analyse my business and everything he recommended made complete sense. I look forward to reaping the benefits of his advice as I implement the different changes in my business.

    Nicky Hartel
    Nicky HartelOwner, The Support Room
  • Leon is incredibly innovative in his approach to understanding and extracting all the necessary information needed and was able to cleverly consolidate our data and provided invaluable insight into our business. He has offered sound advice on how to improve and effectively optimize our current conversions as well as assisted in further educating our team on how to increase sales and improving upon current processes. Leon's knowledge and teachings are an absolute must for anyone wanting to know more about internet marketing, improving systems and best practices to increase performance. Highly recommend!

    Eva Bauerrichter
    Eva BauerrichterGeneral Manager, Nox Rentals
  • I hired Leon to assist us in our online marketing strategy, to increase / improve our sales lead conversion. After our first 3-months of implementing his suggestions with our sale team, our conversion increased from ave 3% to 13%. In the second month, all consultants hit their sales targets, and had their best months' ever. I would recommend Leon for any online company wanting to increase their sales lead conversion.

    Karen Donkin
    Karen DonkinBrand Manager, iGO Travel
  • Leon Lategan has assisted Nox Rentals and Classic Villas with a number of Sales courses over the past few years. His knowledge and insight is invaluable and we have seen terrific results, assisting our two primary businesses with some of our best ever sales months. His workshops are very worthwhile, and our team always come back rejuvenated and inspired which is brilliant! We'll definitely run with Leon's workshops and consulting for many years to come.

    Nick Taylor
    Nick TaylorManaging Director, The Nox Group
  • Leon Lategan has been involved as a keynote speaker at various conferences produced by Living Your Brand, including the Small Business Growth Conference, IMC Conference and Digital Boot Camp Workshops. As part of our feedback process, we conduct surveys whereby delegates rate the overall quality of each speaker presentation. Leon has consistently been a clear favourite for our delegates, rating him as the most knowledgeable in his field of expertise. The interactive methods he uses in his case study presentations have made our events a memorable experience for our delegates, who leave his sessions having gained effective, practical insights. We highly recommend Leon as the go-to-expert relating to optimising ones internet marketing efforts.

    Jaco Van Zyl
    Jaco Van ZylCommunications Director, Living Your Brand
  • I first met Leon when he spoke at a digital marketing seminar I attended and immediately knew he could provide our business with the skill set it was lacking. Leon's easy manner instils confidence that your business will grow and explains clearly and concisely why the changes he recommends can only but work. Regardless of his successful business background, he speaks a language which is understandable to even the smallest business owner. Through his vast knowledge and understanding of websites and conversion tactics, his hands on no nonsense approach and easy project management style, I have no problem recommending him to any business owner looking for ways to improve their website and ultimately their business.

    Charlotte Metelerkamp
    Charlotte MetelerkampGeneral Manager, Classic Villas
  • Leon Lategan's expertise in the field of e-commerce and database strategies is the main reason I approached him. After working with Leon for a short amount of time I immediately saw results and understood why he is the best at what he does. The greatest thing for me was that Leon doesn't just consult but he empowers too. After my consultation I felt confident to take the lessons taught and implement them myself to grow my business successfully. He's also a nice guy :)

    Gary Sher
    Gary SherOwner, 101 Designs
  • Leon's knowledge of online marketing has helped us on a number of levels. Implementing more effective ways of doing things is just one of the benefits of working with him. His analytic approach uncovers new opportunities that are literally business changing. It is most exciting working with him.

    David Marsh
    David MarshB2B Editor and Publisher