One of my absolute passions is educating people in my areas of expertise and as a result of this I started speaking at numerous different conferences since 2011.

I found myself enjoying speaking and being able to share valuable content with hundreds of people at one event and the delegates responded very positively, so much so that I was being invited to speak at more and more conferences.

The conferences were mainly focused around my areas of expertise i.e. Internet Marketing, Small Business Growth and Retail/E-commerce and after speaking at 15 conferences over the past three years I was voted by the delegates as the top speaker at 14 of these conferences.

Below are some of the conferences I have spoken at around Southern Africa, including Botswana and Namibia and mostly South Africa PLUS some of the amazing feedback I received from the delegates.

Past Engagements


Integrated Marketing Communication Conference in Cape Town, South Africa

IMC Conference

The Integrated Marketing Communication Conference (IMC Conference) is a two day, content packed event with a central theme focused on using different combinations of communication disciplines.

Retail Indaba

Retail Indaba Conference in Cape Town, South Africa

Retail Indaba Conference

Retail Indaba is a conference for retailers, grocers, supermarkets, general traders, wholesalers and suppliers to the retail industry. Apart from learning and staying ahead of the latest retail trends, the event is an important network platform and meeting place for the industry.

Online Retailing

Online Retailing Conference in Johannesburg, South Africa

Online Retailing Conference

Varying topics such as marketing and CRM in online retail, electronic payment systems, alternative payment options for online transactions, as well as e-commerce law and regulations are covered at the Online Retailing Conference.

IMC Africa

IMC Africa Internet Marketing Conference in Gaborone, Botswana

IMC Africa

IMC Africa’s main objectives includes the sharing of essential skills and insights that top of the range organizations are using to effectively exploit the internet, social media, mobile marketing in order to attract new customers locally and across borders and to nurture lasting relationships with customers.

ResRest Summit

Reservation Destination Member Summit in Windhoek, Namibia

The Reservation Destination Member Summit was held in Windhoek, Namibia on 11 February 2012.

HAN Congress

Hospitality Association of Namibia Congress in Windhoek, Namibia

Hospitality Association of Namibia

The Hospitality Association of Namibia Congress, also known as the HAN Congress, was held in Windhoek, Namibia on 24 November 2011.

Delegate Feedback

  • Awesome, very informative and engaging. Learnt so much in a short space of time. Would love to discuss more as the presentation was very insightful, straight forward and funny.

    Kelly Anley
    Kelly AnleyDigital Marketing Coordinator, The Body Shop
  • It was an absolute pleasure – your talk was inspiring!

    Werner Ewald
    Werner EwaldCountry Manager, Bannerman Resources
  • Very interesting. Great knowledge & experience. Great energy and the time raced past! Lots of info in 45 mins – needed more time.

    Clive CorlettCampaign Manager, Old Mutual
  • Very insightful presentation, I'd like to attend your full day workshop in JHB.

    Keamogetse SetshediCommunications Manager
  • Very informative, but sometimes info was run through too quickly. But well presented workshop.

    Gillian Nairn
    Gillian NairnKinetic
  • Very insightful. Small changes make a big difference and with big differences come ROI.

    Estee CockcroftAccount Manager, Boomtown
  • Great energy & has a very clear way of explaining concepts.

    John Gardner
    John GardnerDigital Director
  • Very, very interesting workshop. Loved it. Just too short.

    Lelanie de WetWeb Content & Social Media Manager, University of Free State
  • Very informative! Enjoyed this workshop and his explanations were simple and easy to understand, loved his energy and passion for what he was discussing. A real eye-opener.

    Genevieve SimpsonNew Materials Supervisor, Juta & Company
  • Good/informative presentation. Main message… test, experiment and do the basics.

    Janine Geldenhuys
    Janine GeldenhuysDigital Brand Manager, Metropolitan
  • A very insightful inspiring talk about consumer behaviour online. Highly recommend it.

    James Dickie-ClarkBusiness Development Manager, Web-lingo
  • Eye opening – definitely gave me something to think about. Conversions are part of what we want to achieve and what I learned here gives me ammo to brief my web designer. Thanks.

    Grant Newton
    Grant NewtonMarketing Manager, Groot Constantia
  • The people are raving about you!!!!! And I also thoroughly enjoyed your presentation, Robert was right, you are a very good presenter, lively, punchy and captive.

    Gitta Paetzold
    Gitta PaetzoldCEO, Hospitality Association of Namibia
  • Excellent speaker, informative, descriptive, visual, enticing & engaging! A wake-up call!!! ...Tell me more… Thank you - this was my WOW moment I have been waiting for from all the workshops so far!

    Chantal BrownBusiness Development Manager, TCB Group
  • It was truly a pleasure to pay for your travel and we thoroughly enjoyed your presentation at the HAN Conference.

    Denise Weidemann
    Denise WeidemannPersonal Assistant, Bannerman Resources
  • I invited Mr. Lategan to give a presentation at the Hospitality Association of Namibia’s Annual Congress in 2011 after seeing him in action at the Internet Marketing Conference held in Windhoek earlier this year.  His presentation was hands down the best presentation at the Internet Marketing Conference and he did not disappoint with his presentation at the Hospitality Association of Namibia’s Congress either, where he was once again by far the best speaker. He engaged with the audience by providing a perfect balance of interaction, information and humour. He possesses a in depth understanding of group behavior and a very indepth understanding of the subject matter which he conveys in  a very convincing manner.  It was an absolute pleasure to have him at the Hospitality Association of Namibia’s Congress and I hope to be able to welcome him back one day.

    RD NienaberVice-Chairman, Hospitality Association of Namibia
  • Learnt a lot – very interesting session at IMC.

    Gary Broom
    Gary BroomMarketing Manager, Pearson
  • Great insights and engaging speaker. Left me wanting to hear more.

    Dene StrainDigital Publisher, John Brown Media
  • Great! Could listen & learn from you all day. Very simple & to the point topics on conversion optimisation for sites.

    Amanda Louw
    Amanda LouwAccount Manager, BuzzCity
  • Speaker seems passionate about his subject. I found this interesting & inspiring. His message was very clear! Looking forward to (hopefully) doing a full day workshop. I am converted!!

    Jennifer Davies
    Jennifer DaviesBrand Manager, Vital Health Foods
  • Good stuff thanks. Will pass onto my colleague who deals with conversions.

    Johan de Wet
    Johan de WetMarketing Manager, Old Mutual